Welcome to music class at JP. My name is Mr. Lesueur or Mr. L and I will be your Music teacher this year! I hope this can be a safe way for you to expand your Music knowledge and have a little fun!

Black History Month Listen along

Black History Month Music Lesson


Copy of Choice Board

Happy Halloween!

2021 Virtual Veterans Day Performance

Veterans Day Music

2nd PK&K 1st

Music Lessons

First Online Music Lesson!

Steady beat intro/ review. Steady beat is the heart beat of music! Almost every song has one! It keeps the song alive and moving. Practice the steady beat by watching the video s above and tapping along!

Extra Practice and Extra Fun!

Virtual Classroom Instrument Closet

Try out Some Instruments!

Steady Beat Practice

Practice tapping along to the steady beat with this online metronome! Move the slider up and down to change the tempo! (Tempo means how fast or slow)

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome music lab is a free service through google chrome. It allows students to experiment with musical concepts and sound. Check it out

Sing Along Songs

Down By the Bay

Sing along to this silly song!

I am a Pizza

Sing along at home!