BOOK FAIR BROCHURE- please see above

Book Fair is Monday, April 18th - Friday, April 22nd

Other items, in addition to books, will be available for purchase at the Book Fair. There will be bookmarks, pencils, erasers, small toys and other fun items. I will encourage students to purchase BOOKS first with their money.

Each day, volunteers or myself will check in each classroom to see which students have Book Fair money, so they may shop any day of the week.

It will make it easier on the teachers to send money in a labeled envelope.

If parents want to come and shop with their child, they may do so. Please come around to the NEW front of the school and look for the sign by the Library door with balloons. Please do not enter the school from the current office where check-in and check-outs happen. You will be able to enter and visit the Library only and we will call your student to come and shop. Students will return to class promptly after shopping.

Thank you for supporting our library!

Lisa Morgan